Beautiful and affordable describe this stunning solid hardwood Bruce collection. The design is upscale, but these floors will look right at home in an urban loft or a country retreat. Every board in this collection has been hand-sculpted not only on the surface, but also on the edges and ends, creating a strong surface texture on the floor. The Rustic Heritage collection offers an exceptionally handcrafted, rustic look in a solid hardwood. This line is well-suited for the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Canada, where solid hardwood is the flooring of choice.


Hickory - Autumn Blaze
5 in. Engineered Hardwood PlanK


A new trend for kitchens is to bring together different wood looks to create a stunning space. The combination of dark stained cabinetry and the hand-scraped oak kitchen flooring, along with the red painted island and red countertops, creates an exciting, eclectic design scheme.


Your dinner guests will be delighted no matter what you are cooking up in the kitchen. From solid hardwood to laminate, you can trust that Floors On 14th will offer you flooring choices that accommodate your tastes, your lifestyle and your budget.


What kid doesn’t love bunk beds? In this room, the hardwood flooring, windowsills and beds in coordinating colors create a comfortable, masculine space, ideal for the "boys’ room." The wood décor and matching furniture also give the appearance of an indoor tree house.


Think "mixed media" in this delightful kitchen. Wicker chairs, black iron furnishings and textured hand-scraped hardwood flooring combine to create a fully customized look


Choosing the right floor for your home takes time and planning. You want to make sure you get it right. Contact us to learn more about how hardwood floor will fit into your home and your lifestyle.


The navy-and-chocolate-brown furnishings strike a masculine chord in this bedroom, but the creamy linens and pink flowers help soften the style. The low gloss, hand-scraped oak hardwood floor also adds a warm, rustic appeal.


By choosing a hardwood floor, you benefit from
various advantages:
A natural floor covering, it is an eco-friendly choice.
It creates a warm and inviting ambiance in any room.
It requires little maintenance.
A very hard surface, it lasts for decades.
It creates a healthy environment by minimizing the effects of dust allergies.
It is about the same price as other types of flooring of similar quality.
It increases the resale value of your home.
It enhances the appearance, style, and versatility of your décor.


There are numerous types of hardwood flooring available with a wide variety of features and characteristics to complement any décor, from the most old-fashioned to the most modern, and from the charmingly rustic to the resolutely urban. 

Let yourself be tempted by the warmth and natural beauty of hardwood!